Sydney Scrum / Catherine Hyams, William Hill
 Organisational Agility / Steve Denning
Scaling Agile - LeSS and SAFeRowan Bunning, Scrum with Style
Hiring for Agility / Lenka Bednarikova, McKinsey & Co.
Scaling Scrum Rapidly / Issac Taylor, Indue
3D Printing / Dr. Tosin Famakinwa, UWS
Bookclub / Daisy Lee (IIT) & Kirsty Stubbs, Director, Cause Corps
Bitcoin and Blockchain / Max Kaye, Flux 

INDUSTRIE IT academians

Design Thinking / Rei Paki, Managing Partner Think.Make.Do
Cloud: Unplugged / Chris Fordham & Ameer Deen
Development: Mobile / Henry Young & James O'Toole
Web Frameworks / Matt Lothian
Java / Rudi Simic, CTO
Agile, Lean & Scrum / Binyamin Lawal, CSM; Roy Stapleton, CSM; William Feng, PSM; Li Jiang, PSM
Organisational Intent & Empathy / Steven Ma, PSM, PSPO, Director of Agility


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